48 V MLSK-167-48 Module

48 V MLSK-167-48 Module
 In a supercapacitor, the charge accumulates due to the formation of a double electric layer on the surface of the electrode due the adsorption of ions from electrolytes.


Voltage: 48 V
Capacity: 167 F

Сфера применения: MLSK Modules 

Electrical parameters

Rated voltage 48 V 
Maximal voltage 51.3 V
Rated capacity 167 F
ESR (DC 10 ms) 5.2 mΩ
Operating current (continuous cycling) 300 A 
Pulse current (1sec) 3000 A
Short-circuit current 15,000 A

Energy parameters

Maximum accumulated energy 54.8 W*h
Specific energy 3.86 W*h/kg
Energy thickness 3.31 W*h/l
Performance coefficient  98%


Maximum power 13.6 kW
Specific power 8.0 kW/kg
Volume power 9.1 kW/l

Temperature conditions

Operating temperature range   -60 +65 °С 
Temperature storage conditions (in a discharged state) -65 +70 °С

Life cycle

The rated capacity can be reduced by 20% at the end of service life
ESR can be increased by 100% at the end of service life
Service life at 25°С 1,000,000 cycles or 15 years 
Service life at 65°С  1,500 hours 
Shelf life (in a discharged state)  4 years

Body specification

Weight  14.2 kg
Volume  12.5 l
Overall dimensions (L*H*W)  307mm*300mm*158mm
Shell protection grade (GOST 14234-96)  IP65