Business development director of ROTEC Sergey Kurilov discussed the perspective of renewable energy at the conference of “Vedomosti” newspaper


Sergey Kurilov, ROTEC Business Development Director, took part in the conference «Ecological Modernization of the Production and Industrial Sector of the Russian Economy», organized by the Vedomosti newspaper. In the framework of the expert panel «Energy mix of the future: the role of traditional and alternative energy sources», participants discussed the possibility of the grid parity onset of renewable and traditional energy generation, the effectiveness of existing mechanisms for supporting the industry. Sergey Kurilov shared his experience with ROTEC in the field of renewable energy sources.


In the US energy balance, renewable sources occupy about 15%, although their share varies from state to state within 1 to 30% depending on climatic and meteorological conditions. This is the result of the implementation of a consistent policy over several decades. The government of the Russian Federation has defined clear guidelines for renewable power sources (RPS) in terms of new power generation capacity commissioning in the long-term energy development strategy. They are less ambitious than abroad, but also require accomplishing consistent actions for at least 10-15 years, including support measures. Today we, first of all, need commissioning of additional production capacity with the required level of localization. This won't be an activity of one or two players: it is necessary to simply stimulate competition in order to reduce costs. In this case, for example, in wind generation, it is advisable to start production facilities with a volume of at least 250 MW of installed capacity per year with the provision of this volume for at least during five years. This will be a minimum volume for allowing the required investment returns, taking into account the costs of technology transfer and localization of production. Therefore, the main thing the investors need will be stability and predictability. First of all, in the area of support measures.

In the context of relatively new, but certainly environmentally friendly solutions in the field of energy supply, it is worth noting fuel cells that run on natural gas. The technology of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) has been known for a long time both in the Russian Federation and abroad, however, due to the unresolved number of key issues (useful life, price of 1 kW of installed capacity, etc.) it was not widespread. Electric energy is generated as a result of a chemical reaction from natural gas with an efficiency of more than 60%. This is a unique indicator exceeding the characteristics of steam and gas combined-cycle units. In our opinion, SOFC generators are the optimal solution for the needs of distributed generation, for power supply of isolated objects, including objects of gas transportation infrastructure. What is important, since 2019 we are going to offer solutions based on the SOFC at a price comparable to the cost of building gas piston, gas or combined-cycle plants, ”said Sergey Kurilov.

Oleg Barkin (NP Market Council Association), Alisher Kalanov (MC ROSNANO), Maxim Karnaukhov (LUKOIL), Alexey Knizhnikov (WWF Russia), Gennady Ordenov (Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation) took part in the expert session.