Cold-defying supercapacitos for harsh arctic conditions are presented on Army-2018


On the basis of electrolytes created at the National Research Technological University «MISiS», the TEEMP company developed supercapacitors for degaussing ships, intended for use in the Arctic. With the help of the novelty, the crew will be able to independently change the individual electromagnetic signature of the ship, according to which torpedoes and bottom mines are induced.

Стенд МИсИС.jpg

Supercapacitors are a cross between batteries and capacitors. They are able to quickly accumulate electric current and instantly consume it. Used for power and mobile installations. One use is to quickly demagnetize warships and disguise their electromagnetic portrait. Similar products have already been tested at the large landing ship «Ivan Gren».

As the creators told at the Army-2018 forum, another use of the product is to instantly launch vehicles in difficult weather conditions. According to them, supercapacitors are universal and can be used for almost any technology - from ATVs to airplanes.

«The Arctic modification of the supercapacitor is installed in the car at the same time as the battery. It allows you to instantly start when the battery is dead and the temperature reaches minus 50 degrees,» said Mil.Press Dennis Mamenko, Business Development Manager at TEEMP.

The supercapacitor is based on an organic electrolyte with frost-resistant properties, created by specialists of the University «MISiS!. According to representatives of TEEMP, the Arctic military supercapacitors will test in the near future on the UAZ Patriot car.

The international military-technical forum «Army-2018» takes place from August 21 to August 26 at the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center, as well as at the Alabino training ground and the Kubinka airfield. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, more than 1,500 enterprises that represent more than 20,000 product samples are participating in the «Army 2018».