TEEMP has developed a device enabling heavy machinery start at temperatures down to -65°C

<p>The Russian manufacturer of supercapacitors TEEMP (a part of ROTEC holding) in cooperation with Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (NRTU MISaA) has completed testing of a proprietary supercapacitor-based start system. The system is capable of starting heavy wheeled, track and aviation machinery engines at extremely low temperatures (down to -65°C).</p>

<p>TEEMP supercapacitor-based modules show high performance (specific voltage and power capacity). Its unique design allows reducing weight and size of modules assembly by 30% as compared to competitors’ similar devices. The use of a multi-component organic electrolyte extends operating temperature range of the supercapacitors and start system down to -65°C.</p>

<p>“We plan to launch the first stage of supercapacitors industrial production in Khimki city in early 2017. I am sure, our products will be in high demand in a wide range of applications: ranging from starting operations to uninterrupted power supply systems”, noted Sergey Kurilov, General Director of TEEMP LLC.</p>