In 2018 TEEMP supercapacitors save more than 2700 tons of diesel fuel on Russian railroads


By the end of 2018, a start-stop system based on TEEMP supercapacitors will operate on more than 350 diesel locomotives of JSC Russian Railways. The solution developed by the company AVP Technology has already been installed and is successfully used in 150 shunting diesel locomotives.

Thanks to the use of TEEMP supercapacitors, the Russian start-stop system is capable of providing huge currents (up to 32,000 Amps) and therefore even easily starts diesel engines with a capacity of 1,200 kW and more. Operating experience shows that the use of a start-stop system reduces fuel consumption in the warm-up mode of a diesel locomotive by 20%, and at idle - by 60-80%. In absolute terms, diesel fuel consumption is reduced by 9 tons per year. The total reduction in fuel consumption due to the use of a start-stop system based on TEEMP supercapacitors in 2018 will reach 2,700 tons.

According to industry statistics, only 36% of operation time of the locomotive engine falls on its useful work, i.e. movement. The remaining 63% of the time - staying in the home depot or at the stations. Due to the fact that water is used as a coolant in the cooling system of a diesel engine, launching a powerful diesel engine at temperatures below + 15 ° C is not only not guaranteed, but also leads to severe battery wear, therefore the diesel crews are forced to leave a powerful engine at idle, consuming fuel and lubricants. The start-stop system of the company AVP Technology reduces the diesel engine operation time at idle of diesel locomotives, maintains the temperature of the coolant and oil by pumping coolant from the diesel engine to the cooling radiators, and also ensures reliable starting of the heavy diesel engine regardless of climatic conditions.

«This solution is an extremely efficient and low-cost way to save rolling stock fuel, which, of course, increases the overall economic efficiency of its use in any climatic zone,» said Sergey Kurilov, general director of TEEMP.