New nanomaterials: carbon whiskers

New nanomaterials: carbon whiskers

The research team with the participation of graduate students of the Department of Physical Chemistry of the National Research Technological University "MISiS" under the guidance of Professor Mikhail Astakhov synthesized special carbon materials with a highly developed surface. In scientific slang they are called whiskers.

As a customer, TEEMP company formulated the terms of reference for the carbon structure of the material, and the scientists chose the type of material and the technology for its production, as well as created the necessary prototypes and samples.

The carbon material obtained from organic fiber has unique properties - high conductivity, increased specific energy consumption and low production cost, which is very important in industrial innovations. In terms of aggregate qualities, the new material successfully competes with graphene and single-walled nanotubes, but it is hundreds of times cheaper: if one gram of graphene costs about one thousand dollars, then a kilogram of carbon whiskers is only 20 dollars.

Devices based on the developed carbon material are unique in many ways. For example, supercapacitor modules successfully operate at temperatures of minus 60 degrees and below.
An important competitive advantage of supercapacitors over other electrical current sources is a long service life: a million or more charging/ discharging cycles. The unique patented design of cells and modules reduces the weight and size of the supercapacitor module by 30 percent.

TEEMP supercapacitor modules successfully passed tests on the railway, in aviation and on a wide range of automakers: from small cars to city buses and heavy tracked vehicles.