On May 29, the famed Pirogovka hosted the inaugural Sportflot Regatta with the participation of representatives from the ROTEC yachting team


Despite the hazy weather and pouring rain, the yachtsmen were in a terrific mood! Three crews of racing yachts in Olympic Class SB20, mainly represented by employees of ROTEC, PRANA and TEEMP, took the whole winners podium in the amateur competition. For most of the participants, it was their first-ever experience of this kind – and they claimed victory straight away!

Competition organizers and instructing helmsmen noted the high motivation of the participants, the precise execution of the skippers’ instructions, and the well-coordinated work of the trimmers manning the sails.

Team ROTEC intends to continue its theoretical and practical training in race yachting, which is superb at developing teamwork, discipline, attention to detail and confidence. See you on the water!

ROTEC JSC (https://zaorotec.ru) is a company that specializes in design and turnkey construction of complex power-engineering facilities and infrastructure, the development and commercial operation of the hardware-software analytic package for monitoring and predicting the condition of industrial equipment (PRANA system), the development and production of components for the aviation and power engineering applications, high-efficiency supercapacitor energy storage and accumulation systems, and also in manufacturing, retrofitting and maintaining basic energy equipment.

PRANA hardware-software package (https://prana-system.com/) is an industrial IoT solution that enables the identification of deviations in the functioning of industrial equipment 2–3 months before the probable fault. The system combines methods of statistical analysis and physical modeling, big data handling tools and machine-learning technologies. Over 3.2 GW of generating capacities have been connected to the PRANA package. The total value of connected equipment is roughly USD 5 billion.