Russian TEEMP supercapacitors will be installed in Patriot off-road patrol vehicles

Russian TEEMP supercapacitors will be installed in Patriot off-road patrol vehicles

TEEMP (a company of ROTEC) has started supplying supercapacitor-based starter systems for Patriot (3163) patrol vehicles, which are manufactured by UAZ for the needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Patriot off-road patrol vehicles are equipped with a lot of additional equipment and are often operated at low temperatures, which makes it difficult to start the vehicle after it has been parked outside. The supercapacitor is capable of outputting high power current and is therefore an ideal solution for starting an internal combustion engine in the cold season.

The CC-12V200F-0 module commercially produced by TEEMP guarantees a reliable start of the UAZ Patriot engine regardless of environmental conditions and battery charge. The characteristics of the TEEMP modules have been proven by the company’s specialists in the climatic chamber of MPZ LLC test center by having a Patriot vehicle and a supercapacitor storage cooled down to –40 °С. At this temperature the TEEMP supercapacitor provided a starter current of 270 Amperes and successfully started the off-road vehicle.

“As a manufacturer of supercapacitor cells and modules based on them, we shall provide UAZ with not just a single model of energy storage, but access to a technological platform for various solutions: starting heavy machinery, brake energy regeneration, powering electric drives and hybrid motion. The versatility of TEEMP technology allows the creation of energy storages for these applications without making significant changes to their designs. It is significant that our supercapacitors are manufactured in Russia, possess high capacitance characteristics and superior reliability – up to 1 million charge cycles,” notes Vladimir Tumanov, General Director of TEEMP.

Supercapacitors by TEEMP maintain full operability at temperatures as low as –60 °С. Due to the supercapacitor cells designed as flat laminated rectangular elements, the size and weight of the final product are almost 1.5 times less than those of their cylindrical analogues. Today, supercapacitors by TEEMP are successfully used to start engines of diesel locomotives, in hybrid vehicles, in electric power supply quality control systems and in other applications, including special ones.