TEEMP is a technology parthner of Russian racer Arkady Bogomolov

TEEMP is a technology parthner of Russian racer Arkady Bogomolov

In partnership with TEEMP (Russian manufacturer of supercapacitors and start systems based on them), driver Arkady Bogomolov took part in the first stage of the Cup of Russia in ice races in Cheboksary, where he took on in the 1600 class on the Citroen C2 car. The competition brought together best drivers from all over the country — Moscow, Kazan, Nizhnekamsk, Syzran, Kaluga and other cities. The participants were divided into classes depending on the car engine volume. Thus, the 1400 class (1.4 l) included 21 sportsmen, the 1600 class had 14 drivers, and another 6 drivers competed in a free group.

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The competition was held on the ice of the water area of the Cheboksary Bay. The participants completed 5 races of two laps each on the race track of 1,700 meters long. Despite the difficult weather conditions — gusty wind and snow veil — Arkady Bogomolov achieved consistently good results, finishing second in most races.

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As a technology partner, TEEMP provided the Arkady Bogomolov team with its own development for guaranteed start of a forced engine — TEMPStart™ capacitor start system. The upgraded Citroen C2 naturally-aspirated engine has a high compression ratio, allowing to get more than 180 hp. from 1.6 liters of the working volume, but it requires high starting currents. In low temperatures, the battery charge may be insufficient for such a load. The TEMPStart system is capable of delivering high-power currents at temperatures as low as -65°C, and the device’s capacity is sufficient for 10 ICE starts.

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The second stage of the Cup of Russia in ice racing will be held in Cherepovets on February 3. Next races will take place in Myachkovo and Vologda on February 10 and 17, respectively. The Cup Final is scheduled for March 3 and will be held in Cheboksary.