TEEMP participates in the XXII Belarusian energy forum


The companies of ROTEC industrial holding participate in the XXII Belarusian Energy and Ecology Forum. The advanced energy projects are presented at the joint booth.

РОТЕК на Белорусском энергетическом форуме

TEEMP, Russian developer and manufacturer of electrical energy storage systems, demonstrates at the booth highly efficient storage modules based on in-house supercapacitors. The company manufactures supercapacitor start systems, in-process storage systems for electric buses, reactive power and braking energy recuperation systems, as well as modules for peak-load compensation systems. Moreover, TEEMP implements joint projects with the MAZ Group.

Бортовой стартерный модуль

Belarusian power engineers can get acquainted with the capabilities of the PRANA remote monitoring and prognostics system. Analyzing the industrial equipment operation data, PRANA is capable of detecting a discrepancy in 2-3 months before it shows itself. The remote monitoring and prognostics technologies allow to prevent accidents, increase the equipment operation efficiency, and provide an opportunity to check the quality of work of operating personnel and contractors.


The Ural Turbine Works presents at the booth a model of its advanced development — T-295 turbine. It is the most powerful cogeneration turbine in the world in terms of steam extraction. It replaces the well-proven T-250 series — these turbines were installed in major cities of the Soviet Union: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and Minsk. The first turbine of the new series will be installed at PAO Mosenergo's CHPP-22.

Турбина РОТЕК

The joint venture of Sulzer, Swiss industrial concern, and ROTEC holding company — Sulzer Turbo Services Rus presents to Belarusian power engineers its capabilities in servicing the gas turbine equipment, including the technologies for restoring the hot gas path parts located at the company's own production facility in Yekaterinburg.

Продукция РОТЕК