TEEMP Starting System Poised to Boost the Reliability of the United Energy Company JSC Fleet


TEEMP, a manufacturer of Russian energy storage systems, has proposed an optimal solution to improve the reliability and autonomy of the fleet of one of the largest power grid companies in Moscow – United Energy Company JSC.

The mobile engine starting system manufactured by TEEMP has successfully passed tests on vehicles used in the repair and operational maintenance of distribution electrical networks and ensuring the reliable operation of cable power lines, overhead power lines, distribution points and transformer substations.

The starting system was used to start KAMAZ-43502, KAMAZ-4326-15 vehicles, five Volkswagen Transporters and one diesel generator equipped with a Scania DC16 078A (621 kW) engine. The tests were carried out at negative ambient temperatures.

The CCC-28V250F-0 Mobile Starting System

The high in-rush starting currents of heavy equipment reduce the service life of standard batteries, while starting the engine at negative temperatures may fail, leading to the complete discharge of the battery. Starting systems based on TEEMP supercapacitor modules make it possible to solve these problems by producing a guaranteed engine start, which is particularly important for the operational repair vehicles deployed at critical infrastructure facilities. Moreover, the use of engine starting systems extends battery service life by 50–100 %.

The management of the vehicle fleet at UNECO JSC noted the high operational characteristics of the TEEMP starting system, as well as its reliability and efficiency. The companies are currently discussing the possibility of purchasing mobile starting systems for the power grid company’s entire fleet.

In 2019, TEEMP supplied similar units for the operational vehicles of Mosgaz JSC. TEEMP systems guarantee engine start in all weather conditions (including extreme frost), thereby increasing the mobilization readiness of equipment.

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