The Original Design of the TEEMP Lithium-Ion Batteries Gives the Green Light for Creating Unified Hybrid Energy Storage Units


The Russian manufacturer of energy storage systems – TEEMP Company – has developed a structurally-new type of battery, surpassing other energy storage units currently on the market with its mass-dimensional characteristics. The patented cell design is at the core of the new product, commercially produced by the company for supercapacitor modules. The cell is unparalleled in its ratio of stored energy density to the volume and mass occupied, its uniformity of current load distribution and the integrated system of thermal field dissipation (cooling).

TEEMP commercial supercapacitors provide specific power of more than 100 kW/kg, with up to 10 Wh/kg of specific energy. The new batteries will expand the company’s product range. Unified in-house-designed elements and modules allow TEEMP to create combined current sources in one housing: a rechargeable battery (RB) plus a supercapacitor (SC).

The company engineers used the original layout to create a battery with a cathode material based on lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4/LFP). The batteries demonstrated an increase of up to 60% in specific volume characteristics (Wh/l) compared to analogues currently existing on the Russian market. The design optimizes current and thermal fields, which is especially important for heavily loaded battery modules of electric buses, hybrid buses, various heavy equipment and rail transport, including future trams.

Within the first stage of the batteries’ development, lithium iron phosphate systems and those using oxide mixtures were selected, enabling cell parameters of 150 kW/kg and at least 200 Wh/kg to be achieved..

In the second phase, the development of batteries based on the lithium-sulfur (LiS) system is planned. Preliminary estimates suggest that such batteries will allow a 250 to 400 Wh/kg level of specific energy to be achieved, depending on the cyclic resource.

High technological effectiveness and unification of the battery and super-capacitor modules are the key advantages of TEEMP’s innovative development. Their combination offers fresh prospects for creating a Hi Efficiency and Extra long life Battery (HEELL Battery, high-efficiency combined current sources) for electric transport and ESS (energy accumulation/storage system) for SmartGrid (active-adaptive power supply networks).

2019-08-02 ТЭЭМП_Литий-ион_html_afd2bcd25cd541bb.jpg TEEMP Li-ion elements Switching elements in the drive Switching elements in the drive

TEEMP LLC — is a Russian energy storage and accumulation systems developer. Since 2011, TEEMP LLC has been a resident of the Skolkovo Fund. The company is engaged in the development of chemical current sources, including pulse and energy supercapacitors.