Module charging options:
  1. From a 220 V line;
  2. From the on-board network through the vehicle socket (cigarette lighter), including with a discharged battery;
  3. From the vehicle battery (including discharged one) using the “crocodile” clips;
  4. From the built-in lithium-ion battery.

Rated voltage, V: 28

Rated capacity, F: 272

Rated capacity, F 250
Rated voltage, V 24
Internal resistance, mΩ not more than: 7
Overall dimensions, mm: 465х347х172
Overall dimensions, mm: 19 (without “crocodile” clips)
Starting heavy vehicle engines and special-purpose machinery with the on-board voltage of 24 V. Starting diesel generator units and gas turbine units with a starter rated voltage of 24 V.
  1. Basic design – operating temperature range -40…+65°С;
  2. Arctic design – operating temperature range -60…+65°С;
  3. Tropical design – operating temperature range -20…+85°С.