MULTI-PURPOSE MO SERIES MODULES MO-15V500F. The production of the TEEMP company is located in the city of Khimki. The company's activity is the development of supercapacitors.

Designed for starting engines with a starter rated voltage of 12 V. It is used along with standard rechargeable batteries.

Rated voltage, V: 15

Rated capacity, F: 500

Rated capacity, F 500
Rated voltage, V 15
Internal resistance, mΩ not more than: 3
Overall dimensions, mm: 210х283х171
Weight, kg: 10
Starting vehicle engines with a starter rated voltage of 12 V

Climatic versions:

  1. Basic design – operating temperature range -40…+65°С
  2. Arctic design – operating temperature range -60…+65°С
  3. Tropical design – operating temperature range -20…+85°С

Optional installation of an interface board for monitoring and signaling module parameters (voltage on each supercapacitor, temperature at several points).

Optional arrangement of different directions of power terminals output: one-sided or two-sided.