Russia: Mikhail Lifshitz, General Designer and Chairman of the ROTEC Board of Directors, presented estimates of the economic effect from the introduction of supercapacitors on the entire fleet of trams operated in the country.
As part of a strategic agreement between TEEMP and Danfoss A/S, a solution has been developed to ensure uninterruptible power supply of industrial equipment. 
Today, frequency-controlled drives have become very widespread in the industry, since the economic effect of their installation is noticeable almost immediately. For example, feed pumps with FCD (frequency-controlled drive) at a power plant can save up to 30% of electricity by regulating the speed of the engine, also reducing water losses by up to 10%. For a submersible pump for oil production, the repair interval increases by 3-4 times. This is important, given the complexity and cost of extracting it from the well.
A working visit by the State Duma deputy Irina Rodnina, speaker of the Moscow Region Duma Igor Bryntsalov and the head of Khimki Urban District Dmitry Voloshin was made to ROTEC’s production site in Khimki.